Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Stores is an American chain of stores, with the headquarters located in Chesapeake, Virginia. As the name suggests any Dollar Tree shop sells any item for just one dollar or less. The company competes with many other companies in this business branch, and some of them are strong names like the Family Dollar, Dollar General or Big Lots. There are also regional shop chains like Fred's, 99 Cents Only Stores and many small individual one-dollar shops.

Dollar Tree has expanded into frozen foods, dairy and especially the grocery business, not to mention the fact that all the stores from the Dollar Tree chain sell pizza, ice cream, frozen dinners, punch, milk and pre-made baked products. This year the company reported 3334 shops spread in 48 different states. The business started in 1953 when the company was founded by K. R. Perry, and in those days the first store was just a small neighborhood shop. Starting with the 70s the company focused on toys, and continued to sell them until 1986 when the first one-dollar store was opened in Dalton, Georgia.

In 1991 the Dollar Tree company decided to focus entirely on one-dollar stores, abandoning all other activities. By 1995 the company became popular enough to be traded on the NASDAQ market. From this point on all the company efforts were united to consolidate and extend the one-dollar business. In 1996 the Dollar Bill$ store chain was bought and integrated in the Dollar Tree stores despite the fact they kept their old names. In 1999 the company joined forces with Only $One stores which were predominant in New York. In 2001 the Dollar Express company was acquired with its 136 stores, in 2003 Greenbacks All A Dollar Express was the next victim, and in 2006 Dollar Tree bought the Deal$. Now the company acts under the name of all the company previously bought.

Dollar Tree Stores Inc. has agreed with Visa to offer the clients the possibility to pay online. Now all the 3,334 stores accept Visa cards as a paying method. Many of the incorporated businesses already had credit card systems implemented so that many shops may accept Master Card and Discover credit cards too. Reuters reported that Dollar Tree corporation had a 10.5 better-than-planned rise in sales over the last months of 2007. In the third quarter of the financial year $35.9 millions were reported as earnings, which means 38 cents per share with a raise of 6 cents if compared with the previous year.

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