Trimline Treadmill

Any Trimline treadmill device is recognized as a top brand name by most users due to the high quality of the manufacturing process; the company offers life time warranty and technical assistance in case the Trimline treadmill needs repairs. The producers mainly focus on the separate reliability of the individual physical components of the treadmill as such.

These highly popular machines are included in the average price class, which corresponds to a market category that is both very competitive and extremely crowded. The manufacturing company was founded in 1994, and ever since, the two brothers Bill and Joe Heb fought to keep their promise of creating high quality, friendly and affordable treadmills; so far, they have managed to win a very important market sector receiving top reviews for the Trimline treadmill models.

The Trimline treadmill prices vary between $1,500 and $2,500 but the technical features make the price worth paying. Engines come with 2hp and include tread belts of 18. Top models however rely on a more powerful engine of 2.5 hp, they also bring an increased tread belt of 20. These models provide stability, they are very silent and properly cushioned. In an effort to prove the product quality the company adopted a very aggressive marketing policy, they offered a huge warranty, something nobody offers on the market. The package covers 30-year free service for the engine or 10 years for the cheaper models.

Another explanation for the Trimline treadmill success is that only the best materials are used. Very recently a major player on the sport equipment market called Nautilus has acquired Heb brothers' business and although very high quality treadmills are still produced many people are concerned with the Nautilus decision to move production over the seas. Less optimistic rumors even suggest that Nautilus will stop the production of Trimline treadmill but this is not a certainty yet. Nevertheless, in either case the company will respect the granted warranty for the sold products.

Like most machines from its class the Trimline treadmill includes a variety of functions, for example, sensors will measure the amount of calories burned in close relation to the speed you are running with. One of the disadvantages of the Trimline treadmill is the high cost, particularly since the competition brings acceptable quality standards for much more convenient prices. The final decision belongs to the user who needs to weigh the pros and cons of buying a cheap or an expensive treadmill: it all depends on the usage extent and the frequency of the fitness sessions.

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