Sportcraft Treadmill

Sportcraft treadmill models are some of the cheapest on the market and their entry level comes with a very attractive offer. Many body building enthusiasts declare themselves satisfied after using them; nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that a more professional user, a person that needs to work out on the treadmill extensively should firstly check the company profile and learn whether the technical features of the Sportcraft treadmill match his / her requirements. The fact remains that a low price means lower quality but the issue is how low the quality really goes; in the years 2005 and 2006, plenty of negative reviews and complaints appeared about the Sportcraft treadmill model.

The Sportcraft Ltd has a history of almost one hundred years; it was founded in 1926 by Walter Holdstein and its first activity was to produce indoor and outdoor game sets like tether-ball and table tennis, in fact they are still manufacturing this kind of sport equipment. Because of the high demand of treadmills on the market the company entered the treadmill segment in 2001. As it is already known, Sportcraft treadmill versions are assembled in China and Taiwan and they are sold in chain markets like Walmart and K-mart. Most critics say that even if the models include a variety of functions the electrical part does not rise to the highest quality standards and this is reflected in the short-term warranty the producer offers.

From 2005 to 2006 when more than one hundred serious complains were recorded in relation with the Sportcraft treadmill, the majority of the complains indicate a problem with the engine steps of acceleration. Serious accidents were thus caused by too high speed as people simply fell off the running surface. Hence, we cannot say that the biggest problem is the electrical system as little or few complains have been made about it.

The fact is that a cheap Sportcraft treadmill model uses low quality raw materials, while the employees also have very low wages. Many criticizing voices therefore warn the customers not to expect high performance and endurance from a machine that only costs several hundred dollars. Even if we compare it with another superior item in the same class the cost goes ten times higher. Sportcraft treadmill versions nevertheless remain a good fitness solution for a low budget, there will always be people interested in making a bargain, particularly when the machine will not be extensively used.

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