Proform Treadmill

The Proform treadmill produced by Inc. Proform Company offers a very good deal for normal users who practice fitness as a hobby or just to stay active and healthy. The company has a long history in the sport equipment business so that it is appreciated by both clients and the competition. A Proform treadmill has a low price so that the reduced cost is its biggest advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The low price is a plus because most people that look for a treadmill device are amateurs and will usually spend less than a thousand dollars, hence they could get a good compromise between price and quality. On the other hand athletes that use a treadmill very often or professional sportsmen will need higher quality and superior power, for them Proform Inc. doesn't bring a valid offer.

The cheapest Proform treadmill will cost about $500 but as you add some options on it, the model price will rapidly rise to about seven or even eight hundreds dollars. The company is actively present on the market with a large range of accessories for all the available models. The cheapest model mentioned before is the Proform 540, it comes with a running surface of 19x55'', it can support a weight of three hundred pounds, its inclination angle can be adjusted with a maximum of ten percent and the 2.7hp engine can sustain a speed of ten miles per hour. There is another reason for the popularity of this model, it comes with a ten-year warranty for the engine and three months for the other parts. Although there are models on the market that offer life warranty their price is at least three times higher.

Another Proform treadmill solution is the 995 SEL model that comes for around $700, it has a running surface of 20x55 and provides a ten degrees variation of the inclination angle. The engine generates a power of 2.75 hp with a top speed of 10 mph; moreover, the two hundred weight limit mustn't be exceeded under any circumstances as the machine may fail because of extended pressure conditions. The company also offer two hand weights as a bonus for those who like exercising their hand muscles while running. Any Proform treadmill is great for both small and large rooms as it has a space saving design that makes it fit in almost any house corner.

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