Proform 540 Treadmill

Over the last thirty years the treadmill industry has evolved exponentially, with a slower growth in the first years but with a spectacular boom after the year 2000. A major player on the market is Proform company, a brand name known all over America and Canada. The Proform 540 treadmill is an entry model with a price under $800, it comes with a low cost and a reasonable quality. Proform 540 has a 2.75 hp engine, a top speed of 10mph and an inclination angle of ten degrees. The manufacturing company offers a ten-year warranty on the engine which is great for such a cheap treadmill, however the other components have a 90-day warranty which is not enough at all.

The Proform 540 treadmill comes with an air cooling system that has two speeds and can really help the runner to stay dry and enjoy a longer exercise, without the discomfort of perspiration. The model is also compatible with iFit, which means that new options can be downloaded from the Internet directly on your treadmill, this option usually helps people remain interested in their fitness machine for a longer period of time. The Proform 540 has a very silent engine so if you don't want to disturb your family while jogging you can consider this cheap alternative; furthermore, it easily fits in the atmosphere of your house or personal gym. Another plus for the model is that it can be found in the most basic version for only $599 with free shipping included.

It must be said that the Proform 540 treadmill is new on the market so you won't find a reasonable number of opinions about it. However you can definitely get a general first impression if you look carefully at the materials that the model is made of. Thus, the short-term warranty on the components indicates the probability that you may have to change a thing or two in time. This only points out to the fact that the model isn't recommended for professional runners. Although the manufacturing company claims that the model is suitable for persons that weigh up to 300 pounds, however, many trainers would not recommended it to anyone that weighs more than 200 pounds even for the single reason that for such weight an excessive pressure is put on the machine. Consequently, body weight, extensive usage conditions, components replacement and so on, are all criteria that should influence the choice of a Proform 540 treadmill.

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