Landice Treadmill

Landice treadmill models have been on the market since the 70s and their long history can tell a lot about the business policy of the company. These products offer high quality and figures can confirm it as more than 50,000 treadmills have been sold to professional gym halls and health clubs. But Landice also has a good offer for home treadmills, the LTDs are known as reliable fitness machines for private users. The cheapest model costs at least $3,000 so that not everybody will afford to buy such a device, yet the idea is that the equipment makes the money.

Any Landice treadmill comes with a powerful engine, the entry model may have 3hp, which should be enough for any sportsman. The idea to include a more powerful engine in the design of this machine comes from the fact that if there is not enough power, a long belt worked on by an overweight person can burn it out very fast. For home users the warranty is for life while commercial models have a 5-years certification. Landice users should weigh no more than 500 pounds, and the majority of buyers will fit in this category. So far, the only thing that one has to complain about the Landice treadmill is the price.

Landice treadmill models are so popular for the specificity of features that combine a very simple design with excellent constituents. There are three models of Landice treadmills, and the main difference between them is not the quality of the components which is high standard for all of them but the display and some functions. The simplest model comes with a very basic LCD while the top version has an incredible display. If you search the Internet for reviews from people who used the Landice treadmill versions you will get plenty to make an idea about it.

Most users were happy with their choice because we must admit it: the Landice treadmill is awesome, but there are isolated cases of persons that encountered problems with the machines in the first hours of functioning. There are also customers that accuse the company dealers that they don't respect the commitments they took as a seller. Our best advice is to see a Landice treadmill with your own eyes before buying and to chose a professional dealer from where to purchase it. In conclusion it can be said that Landice models are worth their price but in the end the customer is the one to decide.

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