Han Kook Tires

Han kook tires offer a wide variety of tires like passenger tires, Truck tires, bus tires, winter tires, Race tires etc.

Passenger tires

Han kook passenger tires offer maximum comfort to the driver.

Han Kook Ventus s1 is designed to provide excellent durability and you can get high speed with the new profile and structure used in the tire manufacturing. Ventus V 4es provides maximum performance in summer and winter. Ventus ST is providing ultimate comfort to the driver and so they are suitable for luxurious vehicles. They offer high performance and they provide outstanding performance in all weather conditions

Han kook radial tires are ultra high performance tires and they offer driving excitement to the user. The v shaped tread pattern helps to run on waterlogged areas without sacrificing the speed. It provides complete flexibility and handling control.

Light truck tires:

Han kook Dynapro ATM tires are suitable for light trucks, van and sport utility vehicles. They are specially designed for excellent pick-ups. The unique tread design offers excellent performance in all tractions. It offers maximum grip. The sidewall design will improve the style of your vehicle.

Dynopro AS tires are suitable for all seasons. It offers smooth and noiseless ride. They offer excellent performance in wet and dry traction.

Dynamic tires are designed for both on road and off road purposes. It uses computer-aided design for giving durability and stability. They resist frequent wear and tear.

Dynamic radial tires provide extra traction and smooth operation. They offer low rolling resistance and they are suitable for all on or off road vehicles.

Truck and bus tires:

AH 08 is a heavy-duty tire suitable for heavy trucks and buses. They have innovative tread design to offer comfort to the driver and flexibility while cornering.

AH 11 is a newly designed tire that prevents frequent wear and tear. They are the cost efficient tires. The groove network helps in improving stability and handling. The broad tread design helps to offer superb performance in any road condition.

AL 07 is a high performance tire that prevents edge stress. They offer outstanding performance and driver comfort especially on long tours. They can be used in carrying heavy loads.

Ice bear w 300 is a winter tire that has asymmetrical pattern design so that they will not slip on snowy roads. The unique tread design helps to run in snow and ice. The thin sipes ensure outstanding winter performance.

Winter I pike tires have v shaped tread design so that they can remove the snow and ice. They perform well in winter tractions. The heavy-duty rubber provides excellent protective measure in winter.

Zovac HP is a studded radial winter tire. The studs embedded in the tire are well proportioned and thus help you to drive on snow or ice without slipping down. The grooves provide enhanced protection on rainy season. The networks in the ire will remove water from the tire.

Dynapro I pike is another studded radial winter tire suitable for SUVs. The studs help to bite through the snow and ice. The driver can ride comfortably and he can get maximum control on all tractions.

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