When Do Babies Start Teething

When do babies start teething? This is a very legitimate question when you have a baby; many parents actually have the surprise of discovering that their child is born with one or two teeth already grown. Though rare the process is considered pretty normal since teeth formation begins in the intrauterine life. When the baby is born he or she has all the teeth buds in their place, and it is from these buds that the milk teeth as well as the adult teeth will later erupt. Having such early teeth extracted is a big mistake as no other will grow in the empty space until seven years of age, and in the worst of cases the premises of crooked teeth may be rooted in the extraction.

Most babies start teething when they are five or six months of age, but those who face teeth eruption earlier or later are equally normal. Thus, it sometimes happens that infants start teething at three months, and in such cases there may be longer intervals of time between the eruption of the various types of teeth. If the first to appear are the lower middle incisors, it could take more than a month afterwards before the upper middle incisors erupt. Presently, information on such cases is plentiful, whether you look in books or on web pages. Hence, the question “When do babies start teething?” becomes a lot easier to answer.

There are lots of magazines that include advice for parents who are facing the problems and challenges of the teething period. Do not feel alarmed if you discovered that the answers in such publications concerning the question “when do babies start teething?” are a bit different from what your child is going through. All specialists and doctors agree that the important thing about baby development is individuality; this means that every child has a personal growth rate that can differ a lot from what is traced and labeled as average. But such peculiarity does not make him or her abnormal.

When do babies start teething? Though the answer is not an enigma, its relativity is completely undeniable. The important thing is that your child will face teeth eruption sooner or later, but that is not an element influenced by diet or the growth rate. You can take the baby to the doctor to set your mind at peace when there is no teeth eruption until the age of one; yet, even so, the child is considered perfectly normal. A lot of premature babies teeth later around seven, eight or even twelve months of age, and they are considered healthy.

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