Teething Tablets

Given the fact that the administration of drugs to babies is pretty risky, homeopathic teething tablets is one of the solutions used by many parents during the teeth eruption period. The combination of natural extracts increases the baby's comfort by alleviating the restlessness, the pain and the irritability of the child. Teething tablets are very small, they look more like grains than like medication, and they immediately dissolve on the tongue.

The great advantage of homeopathic teething tablets lies not only in the non-toxic quality of the compounds but also in the positive stimulation they trigger at the level of the entire system. The curative reactions of the baby's body are naturally accelerated so that the teething period occurs harmoniously and without further difficulties. Some of the plant extracts calm the whining of the baby, others deal with the redness of the gums and other speed up the eruption process.

It often happens that after using teething tablets the child would fall asleep; such a reaction is perfectly normal since once the pain is gone, the infant may finally rest well. The teething tablets should not be used more than four times a day, or according to the doctor's orders, failure to do so may increase the risk of side effects occurrence. In case the child refuses to accept them on the tongue, the tablets may be dissolved in a very small amount of liquid.

The fact that teething tablets are risk free makes them the most popular remedy used for the alleviation of the teeth eruption symptoms. Unlike other products the results are immediate: once the tablet dissolves in the baby's mouth you can say good buy to gum soreness. Nevertheless, in case the symptoms fail to cease after the treatment, you should contact the doctor right away and have him or her look further into the matter.

The herbal extracts on which teething tablets rely are totally harmless for the baby, they are well tolerated by the digestive system and have no side effects in the recommended dosage. Chamomile is one of the herbs that is often used in the composition of teething tablets; it is a great remedy against irritability and its action is completed by that of belladonna, that reduces the inflammation. Another great herb that soothes a teething baby is clove oil, it can be used to rub the gums directly or it is often included in certain teething tablets.

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