Teething Schedule

Though there is an average teething schedule taken as a reference point, there is no absolute rule for the teeth eruption period; it all depends on the baby's personal structure and the specificity of his or her individuality. Thus, there are children who are born with a tooth or two, and there is nothing unnatural about such cases. Moreover, even if most experts claim that the teething schedule begins at five or six months of age, there are babies who start teething when they are three or four months old. A later teeth eruption is also possible and labeled within the boundaries of normality; consequently there is no reason to worry if you notice your child to be a bit peculiar.

According to a regular teething schedule, the first to erupt are the inferior incisors followed by the superior ones. The front teeth are usually an issue around six or seven months of age, and afterwards, they are followed by the eruption of the rest of the teeth: lateral incisors, canines, premolars and molars. When the child is six or seven years old, the first adult teeth erupt with the loss of the baby ones. The change is less painful, particularly since the root of the baby teeth is dissolved and the gums are definitely ready for the transformation.

It is good for the parents to put down the teething schedule of their child so that they may provide accurate information to both the pediatrician and the dentist. Should you notice any problem in the development of the child's teeth do not ignore it just because these teeth are not permanent. It may be very important for the future development of the adult teeth that there be no accidents in the eruption of the first teeth. Hence, a log of the teething schedule will be of a real importance, not to mention that it also has an undeniable sentimental value.

In order to get an idea of what the average parameters are, take a look at one of the many practical books that help parents raise their kids. The teething schedule should be minutely explained so that the parents may be prepared for this very delicate period in the child's life. The more you know about the biological transformations involved in child growth, the more confident and calm you'll feel when the time comes to actually do something to help your teething baby.

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