Teething Rings

Teething rings are often the best remedies you can offer your child during the difficult time of teeth eruption; made of metal, rubber or plastic such items meet the baby's need to chew something so as to relieve the pressure in the swollen gums. There are certain safety matters to be considered when you have to choose between several types of teething rings.

First of all, the simplest teething rings are also the most reliable; preferably, they should be made of one piece of material alone, so that the risk of part detaching is kept at the minimum. Such precautions are not at all far-fetched since there have been cases when teething rings have been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer since little design details like hearts or flowers broke and were swallowed by babies.

Between metal, plastic or rubber teething rings, opinions are very often divided; what exactly should one choose? First of all, metal teething rings are usually made of sterling silver; they are considered high class objects with an advanced level of reliability. Silver is a very little reactive metal with virtually no-toxicity, so its structure represents no threat for the health of the child. Moreover, a metal teething ring can be more easily cooled in the fridge for advanced efficiency.

Plastic teething rings have the disadvantage of including all sorts of chemicals in their structure; quality products are perfectly safe, but great care should be taken when buying them. Always check the label of the ring to see exactly what it is made of; there should be some information on the manufacturing process and information on the hypo-allergic nature of the materials used. There should be no sharp edges on which the child may scratch or cut.

Rubber teething rings are the most commonly used: statistics show that rubber rings make top sales when compared to products made of metal or plastic. The great advantage is that rubber is neither too hard nor too soft, which makes it perfect for the chewing tendency of the infant; moreover, since the rings are made of natural rubber, there is no threat risk whatsoever. All you need to be careful about is deterioration since the child will give the ring a pretty harsh treatment.

The price of the teething rings is definitely not an issue since they are basic items that will not cost you too much. Anyway, a good word of advice is to avoid too colorful teething rings, since such an attractive design definitely suggests a large number of chemicals used in the structure. And last but not least, make sure to clean the ring as often as possible, otherwise the baby is exposed to the risk of getting all sorts of infections.

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