Teething Remedies

The teeth eruption is a major stage in the evolution of a child, it marks the passage to a different step of development and it rises a number of challenges for both infant and parents. There are all sorts of unpleasant symptoms associated with teeth eruption, but fortunately some teething remedies do work to alleviate the baby's discomfort. Such teething remedies fall into different categories: there are the medical products like gels and powders, and there are also other popular solutions to soothe a teething baby.

Though widely used, the teething remedies that rely on all sorts of chemical compounds are not exactly a great choice. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs for pediatric use, gels, foams and mouth solutions do soothe the child, but they expose the little ones to possible side effects. Hence, it is very important that you do not administrate any such product without consulting a health care provider first. Even the harmless gels contain all sorts of flavors that make them easy to use and pleasant for the child.

Rings and teething toys are definitely considered the best teething remedies: they are nice and comfy to chew at and they calm the pressure in the baby's gums. Moreover, you can put a teething ring in the fridge or the freezer and give it cold to the child as an advanced means of alleviating pain. Discomfort can also be reduced if you give the child cold liquids to drink; nevertheless, this is one other risky solution on the list of teething remedies as the infant may get ill.

Since the babies will chew at any object close at hand, it is very likely that they should turn to clothes and blankets to alleviate their discomfort. Take teething blankets into consideration when you are looking for teething remedies: such items have rubber and plastic corners for the baby to chew at. The only thing about such products is that they have to be made of very durable materials, so that they do not get loose and become a threat to the child.

Last but not least, teething biscuits are often the choice of many parents when it comes to finding teething remedies. Nevertheless, there is one small issue to be taken into consideration here: teething biscuits can bring too high an amount of sugar to be reliable. They do help the baby by alleviating the soreness in the gums, but they also expose him or her to digestive problems; consequently such teething remedies need to be used with great care.

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