Teething Relief

The main symptoms of teeth eruption could give a rough time to the entire family: the baby is crying and refusing to eat and the parents are at the end of their rope because of the lack of sleep and the irritability of the baby. Teething relief does exist and you should not have to pass through all the nasty moments if you manage to recognize the signs that indicate teeth eruption. First of all, babies usually start drooling excessively even a week before other obvious symptoms may appear; drooling is not bothersome for the child and there is no teething relief for it. However, wiping the baby's face clean as often as possible will reduce the risk of getting a skin rash or an infection.

Then, chewing and biting at things is the next clue that the baby is teething. A hard surface pressed against the gums reduces the soreness and brings temporary comfort to the little one. You can use special rubber toys, rings and even very hard biscuits for teething relief, with the mention that any item you give the child to chew on needs to be perfectly safe and hygienic. A teething ring can be cooled in the fridge beforehand since the cold helps reduce the swelling and the pain in the gums. Such a teething relief method should not be applied to various foods.

Some parents will cool a banana for instance before giving it to the infant or they will offer cold liquids administered with a spoon. Though these methods provide temporary teething relief they are nevertheless risky from other points of view: the child may get a sore throat, a cold or even an infection, particularly since the immune system is weaker during the teeth eruption period. You can however go for special teething granules, gels or foams that have an instant effect and soothe the baby very well.

Gently massaging the gums with a wet cloth or the finger provides teething relief; you could also use a brush for the matter and take advantage of the opportunity to start the education for a healthy oral hygiene. Always wash your hands well before treating the baby, and avoid using pain killers as much as possible. Though such drugs are generally designed in pediatric use formulas, they may not be very well tolerated by the digestive system of the child, and could therefore cause very unpleasant reactions.

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