Teething Blanket

Chewing is definitely the main occupation of a teething baby, and any object that comes handy is good to be put in the mouth; it is therefore unavoidable that the attention of the little one should turn towards his or her clothes, the sheets and the blanket in the bed. In oder to make it both safe and healthy for the child to chew at such objects, many parents turn to the teething blanket, a magical invention that alleviates the soreness of the gums without exposing the infant to any risk.

There are several elements you should look for when it comes to choosing a teething blanket, depending on the needs and the preferences of your baby. First of all, the material the blanket is made of has to be very durable so that it may remain unspoiled after the treatment the child will put it through. Check the corners, it is definitely great to choose an item with rubber or plastic corners at which the baby may happily chew; nevertheless, such extras have to be very well attached to the teething blanket so that they do not become loose in time.

The aesthetic aspect of the teething blanket is equally important: on the one hand it has to be colorful and very attractive for the child, and on the other, it has to match the overall decor of the room. Of course your child will not complain about the style there's no way for him / her to be that peaky but it is more a matter of parental satisfaction to make great matches. One further aspect here is the cleaning method: the teething blanket has to be machine washable as you need to keep it very clean so that the child may not risk an infection.

Some parents really like to have the teething blankets personalized with the baby's name and picture. There is a very practical side to such preferences too: if you frequent places where there are other children of various ages, it could be very important to have the teething blanket nicely labeled as a means of telling the items apart.

Some of the baby blankets available on the market may not be specifically designed for teething, you may nevertheless improvise and turn them into teething blankets if the material is hardy enough and reliable so as to be chewed by a child. Always take teething into consideration when shopping for a baby blanket!

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