Teething Biscuits

How safe or necessary are teething biscuits? At a first glance their use depends on whether your child has started on solids or not; for a baby that has a highly varied diet, teething biscuits are safe, whereas for one that has liquid food most of the time they are definitely not a good option.

Babies have a different growth rate, some mature sooner, others later, and with their development comes a more or less advanced ability to chew and swallow. Therefore, it is for each and every parent to appreciate and decide whether the child can or cannot safely eat teething biscuits.

The safest way to make sure that there is no risk of choking is to test the teething biscuits yourself; a quality cracker should not break off at the first attempt to chew on it. You can try to imitate the way a child would gnaw at the biscuit with the few teeth he or she has. If the biscuit simply dissolves away, then, you've found your child a good teething help for the period.

There also comes the question about the nutritional value of teething biscuits, are they truly necessary for the baby's diet? How can they influence his or her growth rate? Here, it is for the parents to carefully choose those teething biscuits that are to the advantage of the child: B vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates must be included in the composition of such crackers to actually make them valuable from an energetic and nutritional point of view.

A great advantage of teething biscuits in general is that they actually train and prepare the infant to eat all alone and independently. They are a great comfort from gum soreness and also a clever and useful way of pacifying a hungry baby while you are making dinner. Since chewing at such a biscuit takes a long time, there is no risk for the baby to lose the appetite and eat less at that table.

Teething biscuits can be home-made too, but in such cases, you need to stick to the recipe very strictly. The hardness of the biscuits is the first condition to meet for the safety of the child, as you definitely don't want the crackers to break into pieces. Such biscuits have a great choking risk and should not be given to any small child.

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