Puppy Teething

Puppy teething often worries dog owners who complain about not knowing how to deal with the pet's increasing need to chew at things. There are two teething periods, one at around three or four weeks of life when the baby teeth erupt, and another more difficult one at six or seven months of age when the adult teeth appear. The first to teeth are the canines, followed by the incisors and the premolars.

There are specific signs that indicate puppy teething. You'll notice an increase in the dog's chewing habits, and all of a sudden many of the house objects like the remote control for instance will carry teeth marks. Other objective signs include missing teeth and swollen gums. Part of the discomfort caused by teeth eruption can be alleviated by the use of special powders and gels designed for veterinarian use.

A normal level of chewing needs to be accepted by any dog owner during puppy teething, as the pressure on the gums reduces your pet's discomfort and the mouth soreness. Nevertheless, if the chewing habit gets disruptive, a firm control of the dog's urge is required so that you can enjoy the same peace and harmony in your family.

You should better cope with puppy teething if you provide your pet with enough exercises and play activities. The puppy may have the tendency of nipping or mouthing your hands, this is a bad habit that needs to be killed in the bud. Teach your pet that it is forbidden to be too rough when playing, but do not hit the dog. It is advisable to express disagreement with a strong NO and then stop playing for a few minutes.

During the puppy teething period, the normal tendency of the dog is to chew at everything from socks and shoes to furniture. To avoid any mess around the house as well as the creation of a very bad habit you should provide the animal with plenty of toys to chew. Puppy teething is a lot easier for both the pet and the pet owner when rubber objects keep the dog distracted while also relieving the pressure in the gums.

Frozen food or a cold piece of cloth and even a dampened and frozen rope could work wonders for soreness alleviation during the puppy teething time. Any cold object will have a positive effect on the swollen tissues, allowing the dog to be able to eat normally. You could try this trick at least two times a day in order to help the pet better cope with pain.

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