Homeopathic Teething Tablets

When the baby is teething, many parents are looking for the wonder remedy to calm the whining of the little one and soothe the discomfort caused by the swelling gums. Though teething does not lot last for more than three or five days, the interval is often a true nightmare; besides the classical gels and foams used for the alleviation of the soreness, there are also homeopathic teething tablets to be used on such occasions.

Containing only herbal and mineral extracts, homeopathic teething tablets are more like granules that dissolve instantly when put on the baby's tongue. They have a pleasant taste and the majority of children have absolutely no problem accepting them. The great part is that such remedies instantly trigger an alleviation of the symptoms and an improvement in the overall health state of the child.

Do not worry in case the baby goes to sleep right after taking the homeopathic teething tablets, such a reaction is perfectly normal since he or she may be tired by the long hours of discomfort, and now he or she can finally rest at ease. In case the teething symptoms do not disappear, you should definitely contact the doctor immediately and have the child consulted.

On a regular basis homeopathic teething tablets are completely harmless, as they have a zero toxicity level. This means that even children who suffer from food allergies can use them without any risk. The products containing chamomile extract are among the most popular on the market, and the explanation of their success lies in the great soothing and disinfectant properties of the herb.

Before you administrate any homeopathic teething tablets to your child make sure to read the instructions carefully; on a regular basis the daily dosage includes two granules four times a day. It is important that you do not give the child anything to drink or eat at least half an hour after the administration of the pills or you risk to diminish their effect and thus force back the return of the symptoms.

In very rare cases, certain mild allergic reactions may appear to one component of the homeopathic teething tablet; if you know your baby to be ultra-sensitive, you should talk to the doctor first before starting any treatment. He or she may suggest a lower dosage, thus instead of two granules the baby will only be given one at the beginning to check whether there are any allergic side effects.

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