Early Teething

Every baby is unique and so are the various moments in his or her life; trying to identify whether the child is developing according to a predetermined time line is not always going to be successful, as the average figures are just a pattern. Thus, unlike the overall body growth, teeth eruption is not influenced by the child's diet or schedule: this is why parents may be facing both late and early teething. There are in fact children who are born with a tooth or two formed during their intrauterine life.

Early teething usually refers to children who have their first incisors erupt at three or four months of age. Afterwards, a longer period of time may follow until the development of the other teeth. Thus, when they are one year old, some babies may already have half their teeth, while others may have none. Late teething is usually associated with premature babies who will grow teeth after seven months of age, though this is not a clear cut rule either.

The order of eruption in early teething is the same: the lower middle incisors are the first to develop followed by the four superior incisors middle and lateral. Then come the lower lateral incisors and the canines. In the past children who experienced early teething were considered un-healthy, but with the development of medical science and research, such a theory was rebuked and eliminated for good. Another incorrect medical procedure practiced in the past consisted in the cutting of the baby's gums to assist him or her in the teething process.

The cutting often resulted in infections and even death. One other problem that is not necessarily associated with early teething is low immunity. Many infants lose the antibodies inherited from their mothers and are an easy prey for colds and infections. This is why it is common to associate fever with teething; as a matter of fact the two problems are distinct and not necessarily connected. Teething does not cause high temperature, the possible infections caught at the time are actually responsible for the symptom.

Though it is perfectly normal, early teething may prove a challenge just like a later teeth eruption. Do not hesitate to talk to a pediatrician and learn the best ways to cope with the situation and support the child throughout the period. Presently there are all sorts of solutions meant to alleviate the soreness of the gums and increase the baby's comfort; go ahead and do everything in your power to soothe your baby, special teething items are safe and reliable!

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