Dog Teething

The nastiest thing about dog teething is that your puppy is going to chew everything it can get in order to alleviate the soreness of its gums. Chewing stuff about the house is risky for both you and the dog: electrical cords, valuable documents, favorite shoes and so on, and experts suggest that you should not postpone dealing with the issue from the first clues of dog teething. Thus, one can show the dog what to chew: there are special toys designed for dog teething and chewing, and these gnaw-ables can truly save lots of your belongings. An old shoe or an old pair of socks will not do for the matter as you only teach the dog a bad habit.

Dog teething has certain similarities with baby teeth eruption; just like humans, dogs have two sets of teeth, the puppy teeth and the adult or permanent teeth. As puppies do not need molars to grind their food, this type of teeth only erupts after four months of age; otherwise, dog teething starts between the third and the sixth week of life. Permanent dog teething is complete at six or seven months of age when all of the molars have erupted, and though there are some differences in tooth specificity between breeds, most adult dogs have forty-two teeth.

Permanent dog teething is prepared long before the actual eruption; thus the root of the puppy teeth are absorbed so as to allow the adult teeth to appear. Sometimes, a retarded absorption can cause a lot of troubles leading to a bad bite, a malocclusion or even tooth decay later in life. The baby teeth that do not fall in time to allow the permanent ones to erupt have to removed; hence, do not ignore such a health aspect when you take the dog for a routine medical exam.

In order to reduce the discomfort of dog teething there are all sorts of methods and remedies that can help you. One very easy solution is to freeze a dampened cloth and then give it to the dog to gnaw at it. Coldness is known to reduce swelling and calm the soreness of the gums, moreover, this will definitely keep the pup busy and quite content. Other remedies include all sorts of salts and granules that can be sprinkled in the puppies mouth several times a day, thus soothing the dog teething symptoms and calming your pet down.

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