Teeth Whitening

Maybe teeth whitening is just a problem of our modern times, but the more advanced technologies became, the higher the demand for such interventions got too. There is almost a compulsive concern that some people show about their teeth condition in terms of color, and this “craze” has been widely speculated by manufacturers, so that the market is presently flooded by all sorts of teeth whitening kits. From whitening strips to trays, gels and brush-on teeth whitening, we definitely have a wide range of options to choose from. Furthermore, laser therapies are the latest call in terms of new inventions in the field.

Why do people come to need special teeth whitening? Why isn't proper mouth hygiene and the use of a fluoride toothpaste enough? There is a whole set of factors that affect oral health and influence teeth condition; if you answer affirmatively at the following questions, then you have the answer why we need teeth whitening. Do you smoke? Do you drink coffee or fizzy drinks? Do you like sweets? Is your diet poor in greens? Do you sometimes neglect to brush teeth regularly? People had a problem with teeth whitening in the past too, and there are traditional methods that were preserved to our days.

For teeth whitening, lemon or lime juice together with salt were considered to be highly effective, and you'd be surprised that trying this at home will actually reduce the dull look of your teeth. Nevertheless, results do not last for too long a time, and salt is presently considered to actually affect the thickness of the natural teeth enamel. A white shine of the teeth was also achieved by rubbing the inner part of an orange peel on the parts with a yellowish tint. The examples could go on, and their regular home use may prove to be quite efficient for teeth whitening in general.

Given the fact that we most often want immediate and long-lasting results if possible, the handiest choice remains the purchase of teeth whitening kits available in hypermarkets and the chemist's shop. Prevention of dental sensitivity whether for teeth or for gums is essential and can be achieved by the use of oxygenating toothpaste or oral washes that strengthen the soft mouth parts, eliminating the risk of tissue damage. The bleaching agent in home teeth whitening kits should not be swallowed, therefore make sure that you use it so as to maximize its effects by keeping risks at the minimum level.

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