Teeth Bleaching

Some of the food items we have, the regular drinks we enjoy as well as some less healthy habits like smoking have an important impact on the natural tooth color, creating the dull look we all hate about our smile. This is how tooth bleaching or tooth whitening had to be invented by the medical world, so that all the cosmetic requirements may be met for the perfect smile. Teeth bleaching falls in the domain of what is generally known as cosmetic dentistry, and it usually tackles with the problems adults face concerning tooth discoloration. The darkening color of the teeth is explained by the changes in the mineral dental structure that appear with age.

Showing a beautiful bright smile is often associated with youth, since teenagers very seldom need teeth bleaching; hence the message is clear: I'm young, look at how gorgeous my teeth look! Most of the chemicals used for teeth bleaching rely on the use of oxidizing agents that are the ones responsible for lightening the shade of the tooth enamel. This is the surface on which the stains act primarily; the teeth bleaching agent enters the pores in the enamel and afterwards gets to the dentin layer underneath, cleaning it too.

Presently there are all sorts of teeth bleaching procedures used in the most advanced dentistry clinics. On the one hand, we should mention the traditional methods that involve the use of a concentrated amount of oxidizing agent applied for a short period of time on the dental area under treatment. Very quick results are usually associated with this procedure, nevertheless, there is the risk of developing gum sensitivity and even chemical burns of the soft tissues because of the too intense action of the teeth bleaching agent.

Another way of getting whiter teeth is by using a lower amount of bleaching substance as part of a longer-lasting treatment that would extend on several days, covering most probably a week or two. This is actually the principle on which home teeth bleaching relies, and there is an incredibly wide offer of teeth whitening kits to be bought from the chemist's shops. The most advanced technology used for teeth bleaching uses laser light, but the efficiency of such procedures is still a controversial issue in the medical field. Nevertheless, light activated teeth whitening is definitely gaining ground in many clinics all over the world, and patients are truly happy with the outcome.

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