Rotten Teeth

Rotten teeth are probably the most frequent and common complaints when it comes to dental problems; rotten teeth means nothing else than teeth affected by caries, and the this is the type of tooth decay everyone has to go to the dentist for. Carries make rotten teeth by their destructive nature as they keep progressing in the tooth structure, giving birth to more and more serious holes. Bad or rotten teeth are encountered at all ages from early childhood to adulthood. Primarily, caries are considered among the most encountered causes for teeth loss in young age as teeth go so bad that there they become almost impossible to repair and the dentist is forced to make an extraction.

Experts talk about the existence of three factors that directly trigger the formation of rotten teeth: sugar, bacterial plaque and susceptible tooth surface. Every time you eat something sweet, the bacteria in the mouth creates an acid environment that favors tooth decay; furthermore, germs as such find sugar one of the most energy-giving substances for their development. As the acid starts to eat off the natural tooth enamel, the dental protection layer becomes thinner and thinner until the deep structure is exposed and the door for rotten teeth formation is open.

Though we are all familiar with the many dental treatments for rotten teeth, prevention remains the best way to deal with the condition; there is nothing more to do than keep a proper dental hygiene by brushing teeth regularly, twice a day at least and to floss daily. Furthermore, rotten teeth should not be a problem if you take the time to undergo two regular dental checks every year, just to make sure that the mouth health is properly taken care of. Last but not least, in terms of rotten teeth prevention, toothpaste that contains fluoride is the best one to use.

Anyone suffering from rotten teeth should see a dentist right away since the health condition could go from bad to worse any day now. The greatest danger here is that the caries reach the nervous endings in the teeth and cause some excruciating pain; antibiotics are often prescribed when larger infections are triggered by rotten teeth, and they are usually combined with complex interventions on the part of the dentist. The decayed part of the rotten teeth will be removed and the canal will be filled with some special disinfectant substance; the painful part of the treatment will be over, but for the most unfortunate cases there usually follows a dental reconstruction process.

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