Gold Teeth

There has always been a true fascination for gold and its properties; ever since the antiquity gold has been seen as a youth elixir, a healing substance and a precious metal. Fortunately most of the connotations associated with gold have been passed on to our times when scientific studies have proved that there is a good reason for gold being held in high esteem. This would explain why gold teeth for instance are used for both medical and cosmetic purposes. On the one hand, in the past someone who had gold teeth was recognized by the other members of the community as a leader, part of the ruling nobility.

In certain parts of the world, gold teeth clearly indicate the social status of the person wearing them, this is particularly true for some geographical areas in central Russia, Asia or in some parts of the Caucasian Mountains. Nevertheless, gold teeth are also a type of dental prosthesis, and this precious metal has been used by dentists for several reasons. First of all, it is safe from the risk of corrosion, and then, it has a high degree of body tolerability. Hence, gold makes an excellent cavity filling material, allowing the formation of a biting surface that remains unchanged for years.

Nevertheless, one has to underline the cosmetic function of gold teeth; the interest for such mouth jewelry appeared with the hip hop fashion trend and the items are known under the name of grills. Gold teeth do not actually replace the natural ones, but they are attached to them by special glue; there are even removable gold teeth caps that can be used for the same body decoration purposes. Considered by some people as mere stage accessories, there are lots of fans who'd imitate rapper Nelly and wear such gold teeth when going to clubs, parties or on other social occasions.

The interest in gold teeth has known an ascending path only over the last decade, but they now make the right choice when you want to stand out and impress. Lots of small companies have entered business and launched inviting offers for customized gold teeth; such items are usually advertised online and bring the advantage of being easy to use. Gold teeth are merely snapped on and off according to the user's wish. The type of gold that grills are made of varies from jewelry to jewelry; in some case 14 karat gold is used in some others 22 karat gold, not to mention that precious stones and diamonds can be included in the design too.

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