Fake Teeth

Best used at Halloween, family reunions, fancy balls, parties or in movies, fake teeth truly spicy up the atmosphere. They are usually attached on the normal teeth by means of special non-toxic glues; presently they can be found in souvenir shops, special props stores or in virtual shops on the Internet. Some models are large enough to get attached to the superior side of your jaws so that they require no special fixing prior to usage. As surprised as one may be, we need to mention the fact that fake teeth are often custom designed and worn so as to cover some natural teeth defect, thus they easily come to be used as dentures.

The materials fake teeth are made of are well tolerated by the body and they imitate color texture and overall appearance. The people most likely to benefit from such items are actors who often need to change their looks for the making of certain scenes. Fake teeth drastically alter physiognomy since the curve of the lips and the mouth shape is different; such details are usually enough to change the general aspect of one's face, and the way expressions are rendered. If you intend to use the fake teeth for more than several hours, it is good to make sure there is no irritation created at the level of the gums.

Fake teeth have sometimes been compared to wearing a mouth guard, but their main advantage is the fact that they do not interfere with the user's ability to close the teeth. The chances of eating or chewing something with the fake teeth on is pretty low, since they are usually made for the show not for practical purposes. If we're talking about fake teeth as false teeth or dentures, things are a little different. For such cases, fake teeth are custom made by a professional dentist, and they increase the ability to chew and eat normally.

When using fake teeth as dentures, there are advanced hygiene precautions you should take, particularly if you're using a removable type of fake teeth. This means that you'll have to clean them on a daily basis and also take good care of the gum condition too; rinsing the mouth and using special anti-bacterial products will prevent the appearance of gum infections. Furthermore, when you just start using the fake teeth, you may experience some discomfort at the gum level, also depending on personal sensitivity. It is good to talk to the dentist about the best ways to cope with the situation and come to use the fake teeth for chewing properly.

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