Crooked Teeth

Who'd like to have a tight-lipped smile? As silly as this question may sound, it directly refers to a reality many people are forced to face on a daily basis: crooked teeth are definitely a problem for self-image and good looks. Fortunately, modern technology has solutions for the straightening of crooked teeth which come neither too expensive nor out of reach. The first thing one should do is make an appointment with a dentist and an orthodontist in order to have a medical examination of the teeth condition and see what can be done about the problem of crooked teeth. Technically speaking, you'll have several options to choose from, but it is good to follow professional advice and stick to one that best suits your condition.

Braces are one first solution for straightening crooked teeth; they are orthodontic devices that force the teeth to shift into the right place by putting pressure on them. The materials braces are made of vary from ceramics to metal and plastic; once a month the wires that make the device are tightened until crooked teeth actually come in the desired position. For anyone who'd worry about looks when it comes to wearing braces, we should perhaps mention that the ceramic ones are the least noticeable, as the brackets are applied directly to the front teeth by means of a special glue.

The straightening of crooked teeth is not over with the simple use of braces; when these devices are removed, you're most likely to wear a retainer for a few more months, thus preventing teeth from shifting in the initial incorrect position. One more thing that we need to refer to here concerns the possibility of tooth extraction whenever the orthodontist considers it necessary in order to make room for the straightened teeth. An alternative to braces is the use of removable aligners that squeeze the teeth forcing them to get into their correct position. Known as Invisalign, this technique is more expensive than braces, and it is used only for mild cases of crooked teeth.

There are more advanced and rapid ways of dealing with crooked teeth, but they are both expensive and pretty complex involving a lot more stress at the teeth and tongue level. Most orthodontists will inform you on the possibility of using accelerated orthodontics in order to get the perfect smile you may have been looking for. However, be ready to cope with a little pain and the discomfort of wearing lingual braces; fortunately, the whole process is four times quicker than the regular orthodontic procedure, thus instead of two years, you'd only need six months to straighten crooked teeth.

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