Braces For Teeth

Many people who want to have a perfect smile turn to braces as the right means of straightening crooked teeth. There are all sorts of materials and designs when it comes to braces for teeth, and the offer is so wide, you may have difficulties in choosing: gold or regular metal, ceramic, invisible brackets, lingual braces and more, how should one know what to choose? First of all, the dentist's advice is crucial when it comes to selecting a certain model of braces for teeth, but the patient's opinions and wishes are definitely taken into consideration as well. There are several factors that influence the choice, and they all need to be discussed with the dentist.

The type of braces for teeth can depend on the extent of the treatment, particularly given the fact that all sorts of elements could influence its complexity. Thus, the degree of tooth crookedness and the way the bite is affected are the first to be connected with the choice of the braces for teeth. According to this factor, you will have to wear the braces for a longer or shorter period of time; the doctor may even have to extract some of the teeth in order to make all the applications possible. The price could also be an important factor when it comes to straightening crooked teeth: how much do you afford to pay for the braces?

Very often the aesthetic aspect of the braces for teeth is seriously taken into consideration; given the fact that you'll have to wear the metal brackets for six months or even a year, you'll definitely be worried about your looks. This is why ceramic brackets have become the most popular on the market, since they are the least visible braces for teeth. The bands that make the connection between the arch wire and the ceramic brackets are made of transparent or white material, which renders them little visible.

However, there are certain inconveniences related to the use of ceramic braces for teeth. The most serious issue is that the white or transparent ligatures can easily stain, and then you can say goodbye to your good looks. You'll have to change the ligatures every time you go to the dentist, usually on a monthly basis; furthermore, this type of braces for teeth is a lot more expensive than the regular metal ones that use traditional brackets. Last but not least, the treatment with ceramic braces for teeth usually takes a little longer than with other regular orthodontic devices; hence you may have to wear the brackets for a few months more.

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