Bad Teeth

Considered the most frequent oral health condition, bad teeth appear because of neglect or improper hygiene. These two factors are usually the ones that allow bacteria to break the natural defenses of our teeth and attack the internal dental structure creating cavities. The deeper the caries get, the more difficult they are to treat, meaning that the person is more exposed to painful episodes, and sometimes even the existence of the tooth as such is endangered.

Dentists often have to extract bad teeth because the damage is so extended that they cannot reconstruct the natural dental structure. This is how many young people lose their teeth and have to get implants afterwards: it all starts with bad teeth.

There is another meaning to the qualification of bad teeth, and this usually applies to the unaesthetic dental aspects that many people have come to develop because of various individual conditions.

The origin of bad teeth or crooked teeth as they are called under the circumstances is written in the gene: maybe the jaw is too narrow to have allowed the correct teeth appearance or maybe it is too broad and there are gaps between the teeth. The list of examples could go one, nevertheless, modern day technologies allow to cope with such difficulties by all sorts of orthodontic procedures that reduce the impact of bad teeth on people's looks.

Regardless of what we mean by bad teeth, there is always a solution to solving the problem, and the dentist is the only person that can help one deal with the matter. Thus, if the front teeth for instance are affected by carries and there are dark areas that ruin your smile, the doctor will solve the problem by filling the cavity with a white paste that imitates the natural dental color.

Furthermore, if the bad teeth problem is triggered by an incorrect and unaesthetic development, there are all sorts of orthodontic devices to be worn in order to straighten bad teeth. The process takes quite some time, and it often requires tooth extraction to make space in the mouth, but the results make the effort worth taking.

Constant oral health care will return bad teeth to the right condition and will therefore enable you to enjoy a bright smile. Hence, you can say goodbye to bad breath, tight-lips smile or personal dissatisfaction, and enjoy the great achievements science has made possible for the medical world.

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