Vhb Tape

It's been twenty years now since the VHB tape has revolutionized the engineering world by the great advantages it has brought to the world of design. Just imagine what it would be like to assembly a certain structure without screws, rivets or welding? VHB came as the perfect solution to lots of manufacturing difficulties as the technological process would benefit more from a seamless design. The immediate advantages of the use of the VHB tape are reflected in the reduced work level and in the costs of the materials. Furthermore, the finished product is a lot lighter and enjoys a higher degree of efficiency.

The use of mechanical fasteners often brings lots of restrains in what the manufacturing process is concerned; the finished product is a lot heavier and the joining together of very composite materials is not always possible. The VHB tape brings the opportunity of adjusting one material to another regardless of their nature; it successfully replaces mechanical fasteners and allows an increased versatility in projects and designs. The main features of VHB tape include flexibility of usage, durability, resistance to shock and long-term use. Furthermore there is always the aesthetic dimension that one needs to consider, since a finite product will definitely look more unitary without the breaks of screws and drives.

The strength of the VHB tape comes from its acrylic structure that makes it resistant to external factors like vibration, temperature variation, moisture, sun exposure and even solvents. With mechanical fasteners the stress is concentrated in the connection, whereas the VHB tape allows the even distribution of shock or stress on the whole surface of the product, thus limiting the potential damage. In some cases this type of adhesive tape is merely used for the sealing of otherwise impermeable structures; the layer of foam specific to the VHB tape doesn't allow the passage of any sorts of liquids acting as a barrier against them.

The manufacturers of the VHB tape emphasize one other main feature of the product: viscoelasticity. This means that on the one hand the material the VHB tape is made of has the capacity of absorbing energy and on the other hand it releases stress, both properties being absolutely necessary for the determination of the vibration level it takes and the dynamic strength specific to it. There is no big deal about the common application of VHB tape in very common projects: no special instructions or training procedures need to be followed, hence it is within the reach of any skillful person.

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