The practical applications of adhesive tape are so wide that there is not one single activity sector that is not touched by its use. If we take the field of electrical systems, we'd be surprised to learn how much of the routine activities depend on the use of special isolating and insulating tape with pressure-adhesive properties. Generally made of plastic or vinyl, the kind of electric tape used for insulations is black, nevertheless, other colors are also taken advantage of particularly for the purpose of suggesting voltage variations. Thus red and blue tape stand for low voltage, brown, yellow and orange for high voltage in various phases, whereas green and green with yellow stripes represent earth insulations.

Adhesive tape is a must-have item you need to keep around the house; it is generally sold in hardware stores and it serves a multitude of purposes from package making to insulation and sealing. Most tape is usually waterproof and resistant to UV exposure; it comes in a variety of models and sizes allowing a wide range of uses in many activity sectors. Though there are tape designs especially created for industrial use, most models have a general application level. The only thing one should be careful about is the strength of the adhesive that varies from one model to the other.

Thus, for the bonding or the joining of composite materials, the adhesive rating of the tape needs to be a very high one to ensure durability in time. Nevertheless, for common purposes such as carton case sealing, a mild adhesive strength is all you need. Do not ignore such elements, since the sticker the adhesive tape, the harder it will be to remove, not to mention that there is a considerable amount of residues that may be left behind. The tape used for special or delicate operations such as film staging, has a special features that makes the breaking and removing clean and easy.

Tape as a practical item is applicable to any domain and one way or the other you will come across it. For certain cases, tape can be used as a good advertising tool, when used for the sealing of packages or cases that are shipped to clients. Thus, there are plenty of companies that deal in the customization of various kinds of tape: the full contact address, the email or the site address are the most important elements to be printed on. The, the color choice for the tape and the overall design are the ones to influence the costs of such a customization process.

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