Reflective Tape

Traffic safety regulations often require the use of reflective tape on vehicles to increase the visibility level at night. Not only bikes and carts have to use it according to the law, but large trucks for instance need to mark their rear limits with various types of reflective tape; there is a wide range of models to choose from, but by far the more common is the striped red and white pattern. Reflective tape includes either special dyes or tiny glass particles that intensify any light they come into contact with rendering the vehicle a lot more visible at night, on foggy and rainy weather.

If you're worried about your child being exposed to accidents when coming back home from school, you can sew some reflective tape on the back of the schoolbag. Such a precaution measure would definitely make him or her more visible when riding the bike for instance. It is highly recommended that the reflective tape be applied on a surface on which it comes into contrast with from the color point of view. This means that if your child's schoolbag is red you should choose some silver reflective tape for instance in order to achieve the easy-to-spot effect you are most surely after.

During marathons, extended bike competitions, car races and similar other sports contests, the use of reflective tape is an absolute must. Runners, bikers, vehicles and the like need to be easily noticed from the distance. Furthermore, in some cases, reflective tape is also used to mark the itinerary enabling the athletes to remain on the right track. Therefore, we should also refer to the great applicability of reflective tape for purposes other than traffic safety, such as scouting competitions for instance, when it is used to mark posts, as well as other similar outdoor activities.

The great advantage of the reflective tape is that it is easy to use for multipurpose activities particularly due to its adhesive nature. Furthermore, it is very resistant to tough weather conditions without any deterioration of color or reflective properties. Once it is applied on a certain surface it shows long term durability unless some outward mechanic force should come into contact with the object it is used on. Thus, reflective tape can be scratched or deteriorated by accident, therefore, you need to check its condition particularly when it is used for a vehicle, a bike or some other structure that may be exposed to shocks.

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