Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape plays a vital role for the efficiency of the rehabilitation methods after muscular and skeletal injuries. Applied on the damaged tissue, kinesio tape is able to re-educate the neuromuscular system, alleviate pains of various etiologies and speed up the healing process. Furthermore, experts stress the effect kinesio tape has for the stimulation of the lymphatic flow and the enhancement of physical performance.

All such features make kinesio tape or KT one of the most versatile products used for the medical treatment and the prevention of accidents in the sports world. How difficult is it to actually use kinesio tape? Is it expensive?

Elastic and latex free, kinesio tape is very easy to use; it is applied directly on the body part that requires protection or on the injured tissue and it lasts for three or even five days on the skin. Don't worry about KT being uncomfortable for wearing, since it has a maximum level of elasticity enabling the user to perform any type of moves he or she wants.

Unlike other traditional tapes used in the sports world, which usually require application every three or four hours, kinesio tape is long lasting showing the best of results. Applied for inflammations it immediately reduces swelling, it lowers discomfort in the injured area and it eliminates pain if it be the case.

Kinesio tape is made of some special type of cotton fiber, being able to allow the natural air and sweat circulation at the skin level. The normal exchanges required by skin breathing are completely protected and there is no moisture retention at the level of the kinesio tape.

For anyone wondering about the working mechanism behind the use of kinesio tape we should stress the fact that the success of the treatment is directly related to the fact that the product brings outside support for muscles and nerves. Presently, athletes from all over the world are using it at the recommendation of their health care providers not only for muscular or skeletal healing and support but also for relaxation purposes too.

By being a non-restrictive type of support, kinesio tape allows the free movement of any body part where it is applied: shoulders, joints, knees, lower back, elbows and so on. Furthermore, sprains and edema are also well treated by the application and use of kinesio tape till complete recovery. However, it is not uncommon to use it for the mere prevention of muscle injury particularly when the athlete has a tough physical challenge to face.

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