Grommet Tape

Interior decorations could be a true challenge for anyone attempting to be an amateur designer. Lots of the great aesthetic impact of a room often depends on how well a grommet curtain is installed for instance. Certain grommet rings are incorporated directly in the grommet tape, even when their size is variable according to the model. Depending on the manufacturer the grommet tape that includes the rings is designed so as to create a very pleasant and even look when the curtain is set in the right place: the folds fall beautifully and the shape of both the front and the rear sides is perfect.

Polyethylene grommet tape is usually washable, and one can thus avoid all the problems of dry cleaning for instance. Yet, you should definitely be aware of all the properties of the grommet tape as well as of the restrictions concerning its use; such elements are usually included in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If things are not as clear as you'd have wanted, you can always ask for supplementary details from the grommet tape supplier. In case you purchase the decorative rings separately, these should be snapped into the grommets on the front of the grommet tape.

So as to avoid any damage like paint and finish scratch on the grommet tape fittings, it may be a good idea to simply purchase some plastic rings made of very smooth material that is not likely to deteriorate the finishings of the drapery system. Light weight materials are definitely preferred to metal particularly since their structure makes them more easily washable. When placing the grommet tape on the rod you may need to mark it so as the width of the curtain is well matched for the creation of the folds and pleas you may have in mind. As a general rule, at the end of the installation process, the drape size on the grommet tape should be twice the length of the rod.

Hence, the grommet tape on the rod will be the double size of the rod as such too. In case you attempt to make the curtains on your own, a good tip of advice here is that you purchase approximately eight grommets for each grommet tape yard. So as to make the whole drapery creation process a lot easier, you should stitch the grommet tape so as it matches the fabric, and only afterwards cut the tape material to create the grommet spaces.

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