Gaffers Tape

Available for a wide range of applications gaffers tape is made of cloth, relying on some form of synthetic rubber adhesive for a quality fixation. The structure of this rubber part is probably the most important one for this model of adhesive tape: gaffers tape has the unique property of leaving no residues behind after usage. It can be easily removed from any surface, and no trace will remain behind. Though in home use, people would sooner have duct tape, gaffers tape is definitely the favorite item of professionals who work in the show biz. Any show staging requires a large depletion of equipment, most of which is electric, and this necessarily means dire camouflaging efforts.

Gaffers tape usually has a matte finish which does not allow it to reflect light; and if for some other cases visibility is a crucial feature to be found in an adhesive tape, with gaffers tape things stand otherwise. We are talking of an item that needs to be perfectly integrated in the stage background, and from this point of view we can easily label gaffers tape invisible. Due to the fact that it is entirely made of cotton, gaffer tape can be evenly broken, not to mention the fact that the special manufacturing process renders it waterproof.

Nevertheless, custom colors and even fluorescent types are not something uncommon when it comes to the design of gaffers tape. What makes it so valuable and highly appreciated is the fact that it is so very easy to tear by hand without requiring any cutting at all. The most basic model of gaffers tape is the two-inch wide roll that can be fragmented into pieces as large as an inch only. On the other hand, if we were to compare gaffers tape with duct tape, the latter will definitely lose the contest since it cannot be broken cleanly and it leaves residues after usage.

Starting from the wide use of gaffers tape in the lighting department of film and show production in general, several words have been formed starting from this root. Thus, if you ever hear that cables are gaffered, be sure the expression refers to the use of gaffers tape for the camouflaging or the isolation of certain prop or decor items. After all, all the technical details of a representation need to be kept away from the eyes of the audience uniquely concerned with what is going on on the screen or the stage, according to the situation.

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