Gaffer Tape

Stage work would definitely be very difficult to carry on without the use of an all-purpose item such as gaffer tape. Often called gaff tape, this is a very common tool used by photographers, film and theater directors to organize any form of artistic performance; basically consisting f cotton cloth with an adhesive part, gaffer tape is sensitive to pressure and incredibly strong at the same time. Where is gaffer tape actually used on stage? Well first of all, think about all those countless cables that seem to be in the way all the time; when going backstage you'd be surprised to see all the “cable” web that hides behind a scene.

Hence, gaffer tape is mainly used for securing light and motion cables directly to the floors, the walls or to any other surface where they're needed. Gaffer tape actually covers two main roles: on the one hand it ensures a safe work background by eliminating exposure to electric sources, and on the other hand, it camouflages the cables from the audience. Nevertheless, there are plenty other situations when gaffer tape works wonders: very often a simple, but absolutely necessary, fix is required, and gaffer tape sheerly makes the easiest and safest solution to it.

Some other times, gaffer tape replaces the so called artist tape in the fixation of a prop or in the labeling of the special broadcasting channels used for a certain show. There are all sorts of gaffer tape models, and they are special not just in size and design but in color as well. First of all, narrower gaffer tape may be required for certain applications, whereas others depend on wide sizes. Moreover, the color of the gaffer tape is equally important when it comes to integrating a certain prop in the background without showing any sign of differentiation.

For people who'd like to have it customized according to some particular specifications, gaffer tape can be ordered with many online manufacturers. Yet, the most common and widely used variates are the black and gray ones since the are generally applied to electricity cables that have this very same color. After being removed, there are no traces of gaffer tape left behind, which is a great feature for the clean use on occasions when residues are completely bothersome. It is not uncommon to try and substitute gaffer tape with duct tape for instance, but the latter is definitely lower in quality, leaving lots of residues behind.

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