Duct Tape

Originally used for the sealing of the ammunition cases, duct tape is presently applied for a variety of purposes that require good adhesion and waterproof sealing. The most common colors for duct tape are silver and black, but it is also manufactured in transparent and even colored models as well. The basic structure of this adhesive tape is vinyl with the only mention that due to an advanced technological process, it is also reinforced with fabric. The first applications of duct tape are related to the military field since it has the great reputation of being able to repair all sorts of materials from guns to cars and even aircrafts.

For such cases duct tape is not just waterproof, but it also shows an incredible resistance to grease and oils. Little by little the use of duct tape passed from the military to the civil level, and it now makes a true household must-have due to its multipurpose use for temporary or general repairs around the house. Another activity field where duct tape has its applications is in industry, more precisely in engineering since it has all the features necessary for connecting disparate items: there is flexibility, strength and uniformity. Though there were attempts at introducing duct tape in the entertainment business, the success was not that great as it leaves marks after being removed.

In order to get a full picture of how reliable duct tape really is, it suffices to mention the fact that astronauts have often used it as part of NASA projects; that was the case with Appollo 13 in the 70s, and of Appollo 17, when duct tape actually saved the lives of the people on board the station when they managed to repair the spacecraft thanks to it. Presently, the functionality of the duct tape is widely acknowledged, particularly since it has allowed the appearance of projects that would have not been possible otherwise.

However, an example of a case when duct tape is not reliable for use is in electrical applications. Therefore, if you've got a problem with the lighting system at home, do not replace electrical tape with duct tape as the effect is not the same. Stick to highly specific materials for such cases. As curious as it may sound, duct tape has even entered the fashion world when some very daring designers actually created non-conformist prom dresses and handbags using just duct tape. Nevertheless the range of products made of duct tape is pretty much wider including wallets, belts and other similar accessories.

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