Duck Tape

Many users are often confused about the meaning of duck tape: is it actually the same thing with duct tape? Here are a few ideas that would help one get a picture about how things really stand with these two apparently separate items. When it started to be widely used for various applications and repairs, the initial name of duct tape was duck tape. The explanation for this funny expression lies in the waterproof nature of the adhesive tape that remains unaffected by moisture, and such a feature was vital for the use on the ammunition cases in World War II.

Afterwards, with the extended use of duct tape, users came to realize that it was handy for plenty of other situations like car repairs, fixing broken items around the house and so on. Little by little, the duck tape started to be known as duct tape particularly since many people began to use it for joining together all sorts of items in the household. A change in color and design was also necessary, hence instead of the army green of the initial duck tape, manufacturers started to produce it in other varieties too. Silver, black or even colorful duct tape can be presently purchased according to personal choice.

Presently Duck Tape is registered as a brand produced by Henkel Consumer Adhesives and market research indicates that it is the adhesive product with the highest reliability according to the customer's opinion. Duck tape is promoted worldwide in a variety of models and colors, with the mention that the name of “duck tape” is not compulsory at all, on the contrary, most users refer to it as duct tape while meaning the same thing. Very often the two terms are used interchangeably and they should be taken as such when found either in stores or in Internet articles.

Duck tape has been often called America's favorite fix-all item particularly due to its versatility of usage. There are even special advertising campaigns conducted online that are directed towards an even wider promotion of the duck tape varieties. Presently, it is available in more than twenty colors, with a matching diversity of models. There are even companies that can also customize duck tape according to the client's specifications, but you can expect the prices to be a little higher for such cases particularly if you require the creation of a more complex pattern.

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