Caution Tape

There are all sorts of situations that require special protection measures in terms of personal safety and security, and a whole range of warning signs are used to let people know about the risk of exposure. From reflective signs to caution tape, all sorts of demarcation procedures are used so as to control the access to dangerous areas. Caution tape is easily recognized by its vividly colored contrast: black and yellow or red and white, as a general rule. When is caution tape used? The first and probably most relevant example is that of crime or accident scenes, when a certain perimeter is isolated by the police for evidence collection.

Then, caution tape can also be applied for areas where some kind of risky repair work is in progress, and the hazard of accidents is pretty high. Inoperative machinery as well as appliances are thus signaled by the use of caution tape with special warnings written on it. Hence, it often happens that you read on some caution tape blocking your way on the street “risk of electrocution” or other “scary” warning that would make one keep the distance. Besides the blocking of danger zones, caution tape is also widely used in the isolation of a perimeter for concerts or public manifestations. The area surrounded by caution tape may also be heavily secured by police forces for instance.

Building teams, businesses that work in public repair, mining companies and so on, usually have caution tape customized with the specificity of the activity and the name of their company. Widely available in stores, caution tape can also be ordered on the Internet; nevertheless, the only thing one should be very careful about when having it customized is the clarity of the warning. Pertinent information on the user is also included in the design, starting from the customer's color suggestions.

The advantages of using caution tape are manifold, first and foremost, we need to stress the fact that by the increased visibility properties it can be used even in harsh weather conditions such as fog, blizzard or heavy rain. Therefore, when choosing the caution tape model, try to make sure that the colors are both long lasting and highly visible, particularly if you have the tape customized to your specifications. Moreover, many users choose the biodegradable product variant since it is totally friendly for the environment and 100% safe and non-toxic for animals and humans alike.

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