Carton Sealing Tape

Carton is probably the most common and widely used material for packaging, regardless of the activity sector where it is used. Small or large products are equally protected during transport and delivery processes by means of carton cases tightly wrapped with carton sealing tape. This kind of adhesive product has been developed for all sorts of applications from light to heavy cartons, not to mention that the carton sealing tape can be applied either manually or mechanically by the help of a special machine.

Carton sealing tape can be made of several kinds of materials, but rubber is very often the favorite of many manufacturers; rubber comes under three forms for the matter: hot melt, natural or acrylic. This diversity of models corresponds to a very versatile application range of the carton sealing tape, since the pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies truly make the rule nowadays in most industrial sectors.

The carton sealing tape is generally used in almost any sector of activity from can packing for instance to technical equipment items and clothing articles. Many factory owners have invested great deals of money in technologies that allow the automated sealing of the boxes, and therefore, they very often need to choose the right type of carton sealing tape for their machines. The great part is that such adhesive items have increased holding and tensile properties, being reliable for the creation of long-enduring seals even when exposed to pressure.

Some of the carton sealing tape models are especially designed for packing conditions that imply great temperature variations. From below 40F to over 120F, acrylic carton sealing tape is working more than just well. Furthermore, there are situations when you can even customize the adhesive tape used for packing with the name, the logo and the colors of your company. Thus, carton sealing tape can make a great advertising tool that will very likely help to the business promotion.

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