Athletic Tape

Extensive physical activities whether amateurish or professional can very often result in accidents with various levels of severity. Thus, sprained ankles, tissue injury or muscular damage are just a few of the many health conditions that can result from sports activities. Both an immediate solution and a prevention item, athletic tape is an always present element in the first aid kit of any athlete. Available in a variety of models, athletic tape has the main function of supporting an over-worked muscle or skeletal part so that no further damage comes to happen. Usually made of high quality cotton, such items are first and foremost flexible or elastic, allowing total freedom of movement.

Regular athletic tape applied on a certain body part offers comfort and support for a medium period of about three to four hours; after this time lapse, you'd have to remove the tape from the skin and check the condition. On a regular basis, any swelling of the area should be kept under control, and the blood flow should be stimulated properly in the affected tissue; nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact that a too tight application of the athletic tape can sometimes do more harm than good.

Only cotton made athletic tape is recommended since it enables a regular air exchange between the skin and the outer environment, this means that the tissues can breathe unhindered while moisture is also eliminated. Good quality athletic tape and its adequate use will never give rise to side effects such as tissue inflammation, skin irritation or peeling. Depending on the adhesive or non-adhesive type of athletic tape, the application has its specific characteristics that should be taken into consideration. For body parts where the athlete cannot use the tape on his / her own, a team member should see to the proper application; this is usually the case with shoulder or lower back injuries that require the use of athletic tape.

One of the most revolutionary types of athletic tape is kinesio tape, also know as KT. With an adhesive structure, KT is designed for long term use, which means a two or three-day period; it allows the skin to breathe well, while it maintains a high-standard damage control in the area. Improved blood and lymph flow, recovery acceleration and comfortable skin contact are the main features of this very special athletic tape. Movements are not at all hindered and the athlete can benefit from the effect for a large period of time without the discomfort of having to change it periodically.

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