3m Tape

3M tape is the generic name used for a variety of adhesive tapes with some of the widest applications in industrial and non-industrial branches. Sealing without the use of screws or welds can be truly revolutionary, and the manufacturers of the 3M tape have fully understood and applied this principle to the high market request. If we consider for instance the adhesive tapes produced for industrial purposes, the main conclusion is that they definitely improve process development and the quality of the products. Assemblage and packing costs are lower and the application of the adhesive technology is not that expensive either.

Presently, the use of 3M tape is truly resourceful being successfully applied for color coding, shielding, masking, case sealing, bonding and so on. If we take the case of the 3M tape used for bonding, it is easy to understand the high reliability of the product: the pressure sensitive adhesive is present on both sides so that any type of material can be bonded without any problem. Whether we are talking about metal, glass, plastic or cardboard, the 3M bonding tape can make the best choice in its class of products. The applications where such processes are required include the assembly categories and architectural cladding, to mention just two of the most well-known.

3M tape provides very advantageous solutions for anyone who needs some type of removable adhesive, as the manufacturers have also come up with such a special feature for their products too. Some linered 3M tape models even allow a two-step joining of surfaces: in a first stage one part of the tape is attached to the surface while the other remains covered by the liner. Afterwards, when the liner is removed, the tape can be attached to a second surface. Moreover, there is also an option for the selection of the adhesive strength specific to the 3M tape.

Among the most common backings used in combination with the 3M tape, we should mention crepe, vinyl and polyester, with a wide range of applications in both home and industrial sectors. Thus, the 3M tape can become a great tool for the modification of surfaces contributing to a productivity or aesthetic enhancement. Presently, the 3M tape is very often a common element in any household, since one never knows when something requires immediate fixing. Therefore, such an adhesive tape could often be the solution for both temporary and permanent issues.

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