Workplace Stress

“Workplace stress” is comparatively a very common phenomenon and yet it has not touched all the organizations but is on the verge of becoming the one of the most critical issues faced by humanity. It can be added as yet another illness or disorder to the list of already existing illnesses. This particular disorder has targeted almost all professions starting from sales executive to pilot and surgeon to an artist.

Workplace Stress is a chronic disease that is caused by extensive work which leads to a negative effect on an individuals mind and body. It basically means wearing out of the phrase “I perform better under pressure”. Initially, it is true that a person performs better when pressurized, however, after sometime this starts showing on the individual's body and mind and then in the long run it leads to poor performance in the organization or it can also permanently disable the individual. Hence, it is extremely necessary to curb the problem as soon as it starts. Sometimes it is advisable to use psychiatric help when it comes to stress busting.

The symptoms of workplace stress depend from person to person. Therefore, if one person shows a set of particular symptoms, it is not necessary to conclude that the person suffers from workplace stress. He could show some other symptoms that could get totally neglected or misunderstood. Therefore, any hint of this disorder should be looked into immediately. Some symptoms of workplace stress are:

* Insomnia

* Loss of mental concentration

* Anxiety, stress

* Absenteeism

* Depression

* Substance abuse

* Extreme anger and frustration

* family conflict

* Physical illness such as heart disease, migraine, headaches, stomach problems, and back problems.

There are many causes that lead to workplace stress. Some of them are summarized below:

* Job Insecurity

It has become a trend in almost all the organizations to change the setup or rather transformation the setup of the organization. This is done so that the organization becomes better equipped to deal with the ever growing competition. While doing so, it becomes difficult sometimes for the staff to cope up with the sudden change or a very big change. Starting with CEOs to mere executives, this problem persists through out the organization. Hence, their body falls prey to these kinds of disorders.

* High demand for performance

Due to these changes unrealistic expectations create unhealthy pressures for the employees and they are expected to give their best performance, and they are expected to do so with long work hours, increased amount of work. To cope up with this demand the employees wear out their minds and bodies. This leaves them emotionally and physically drained . Moreover, over and above these problems, due to the long hours and the frequent traveling, even family problems begin to arise in their lives consistently.

* Technology

Due to the progress in technology with cell phones, pagers, computers, fax machines and Internet, every employee is expected to be familiar with the use of all these new technological gadgets. This leads to a constant mental stress level due to the pressure of upgrading oneself with the latest technological breakthroughs and new software . This leads to the worker and his/her family living under constant mental stress.

* Workplace cultures

Often people have a problem in adjusting with workplace cultures. An employee has to adjust with the new environment including co-workers, hierarchy, dress code if any, rules and regulations of the organization. Maladjustment can lead to a lot of personal problems and conflicts with co-workers, bosses, etc.

* Personal and family problems

Due to family or personal problems and worries carried to work, one is unable to devote his or her undivided attention and concentration towards work. This leads to under performance at work, which can lead to a lot of problems with one's professional image.

* Job stress and women

Often there are many women who suffer from job stress at work. Societal pressures, family problems, sexual harassment are some of the common reasons for their discomfort while working. Undesired Physical or verbal contact with co-workers lead to a negative effect to their mental and emotional stability which in turn takes a toll on their mind and body.

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