Symptoms Of Stress

We humans are in a constant process of movement, both physically and psychologically, throughout our life. Therefore, stress is present in every step of the way. Whenever something new comes up, it is a 'change' and a 'challenge' for all individuals, thus the natural defenses of the body will unconsciously kick in to high gear in an attempt to face this 'stressful' situation.

Here's a list of common signs and symptoms of stress that may come out in many facets;

Cognitive symptoms

* Memory issues

* Inability to concentrate

* Poor judgment

* Inability to make decisions

* Anxiety

* Anticipating negative things

* Worrying constantly

Emotional symptoms

* Agitation

* Restlessness

* Short temper

* Sense of isolation

* Sense of loneliness

* Moodiness

* Inability to relax

Physical symptoms

* Insomnia

* Headaches and Back pains

* Nausea and Dizziness

* Muscle tension and stiffness

* Acne

* Weight gain or loss (depending on the personality)

* Chest pains

Behavioral Symptoms

* Eating more or less than usual

* Sleeping too much or too little

* Overreacting

* Neglecting responsibilities

* Isolating from the company of others

* Excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes

* Displaying nervous habits such as nail biting, pacing etc.

It is important to remember that this list is not a full or comprehensive description of signs and symptoms of stress because reactions to stress vary from individual to individual.

However, going by statistics, psychologists have been able to come up with a list of top causes for stress; among which are death of a spouse/parents, divorce, separation from family, jail term, death of a close relative, injury or illness, marriage, loosing a job, marriage reconciliation, and retirement. We can safely say that there can be no particular symptoms of stress.

Coping with such situations is not easy. However, if at all you have been feeling stressful for a very long time, take action immediately. The important aspect is to feel good about yourself despite what is happening around you. When you feel good about yourself, you will feel confident. Feeling confident allows you to take charge of your life, including stress.

Attitudes are behavioral patterns which can be de-programmed and re-programmed. Therefore, it is important that you adapt a positive attitude and a sunny approach to life. It is important to come to terms with the reality and know that nothing on this earth is permanent. It is important to live your life with the realization that suddenly, one day your spouse may be gone, or your daughter may drop out of college or you may loose your job. Therefore, altering our perception and expecting the unexpected without falling victim to depression are great ways in which we can prepare ourselves to cope up with stress.

On a day to day basis, you meet a lot of people and involve in a lot of activities. It might take you more than a few weeks to realize that these menial activities have stressed you out. Once you come in to this realization, here is what you can do:

* Learn how to say 'NO' and be assertive. Voice your opinion without being arrogant.

* Avoid people that stress you out or whose company you do not enjoy. If it happens that you feel stuck with someone you don't like, make sure you put the idea across in a tangible manner

* Take control of your environment by making sensible choices. There's no rule which says that you must watch news on TV. If TV shows nothing but aggression, violence and gossip which you find difficult to swallow, simply switch your TV off.

* If you find yourself getting in to heated arguments with almost everybody over one or two topics (such as politics, religion, or ethnic conflicts) simply avoid the topics. You will feel much better

* Prioritize your work and delegate your tasks to reliable people

When you feel you can do all of the above and more, with minimal effort and stress to keep yourself in balance, your positive attitude towards life will flow over and through you!

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