Stress Eraser

A stress eraser is a hand held medical device used to relax the body and calm the mind anytime and anywhere. The stress eraser can be used to calm the mind before going to be as it helps you to stay unruffled during stressful sessions and also relieves intense stress. The easiest way to reduce stress is by deep breathing.

A stress eraser shows your progress as you breathe in and out. It keeps a track of how well your calming sessions go. It is also considered to be something similar to electronic meditation guru or a relaxation coach.

This stress eraser can be used with any formal relaxation method like yoga, meditation or exercises. It gives you a synergetic effect making it more powerful. For example, athletes use heart rate monitors to count their heartbeat rate and maximize the time of exercise. The stress eraser keeps you in optimal relaxation zone:

* A stress eraser is an award-winning device that calms your mind in just fifteen minutes.

* Its effectiveness is based on understanding of the physiological manifestations of psychological stress.

* After two weeks of 15-minute night sessions, your mind will consistently feels calmer, more patient and energetic during the day. The stress eraser can be used whenever you feel stressed out.

* This stress eraser was awarded with Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Medical Industry Award for Technology Innovation of the year by helping the individuals gain their psychological, emotional and mental relaxation without the help of any form of medicines or drugs.

Working of a stress eraser:

An infrared fingertip pulse sensor and advanced algorithm software is used by the stress eraser to display and measure effect of parasympathetic nerve on your Consecutive Heart Periods. The Consecutive Heart Periods show a series of waves on the LCD, beat by beat. As you watch or listen to the Consecutive Heart Periods, your mind remains focused by the stress eraser it also guides your breathing to coordinate with a calming breath wave pattern.

During stress, the mind becomes restless due to body's stimulating nerves causing nervousness by increasing blood pressure and the heartbeat rate. Because of this, the rate of respiration is affected substantially. The stimulating and pacifying nerves are directly attached to the heart. The interplay of these nerves cause changes in the heartbeat rate. The stress eraser is capable of measuring the heart rate by decoding the activity of the nerves. This helps to gain control over activity of the nerves. It increases the activity of the pacifying nerves by adjusting the breathing and maintaining the mental focus by decrease the activity of stimulating nerves. Stress eraser, being extremely portable, allows people to experience its benefits anytime and anywhere.

You should use stress eraser every night for 15 minutes to avail its benefits. After a 15-minute session, stimulating nerve activity decreases increasing the pacifying nerve activity. Your body sustains this deep relaxation throughout your sleep. It helps you recharge for the next day and keeps you rejuvenated throughout the day. Many customers have availed the benefits of this stress eraser making them feel consistent, calmer and energetic throughout the day.

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