Stress Causes

Stress is the physiological factor to a powerful pressure -inducing circumstance that is also known as a stressor. These stressors could be an event or situation, which a person may feel, is difficult to cope with. The cause of stress could be different for each person. Stress cannot be common to a set of persons; different people react differently to stress. Thus, the stress causes are different for different people. Ultimately, what we need to do is to come terms with the fact that stress is inevitable; one must face it in order to fight it.

We can see the stress causes scan in the way we live our daily lives. It is rightly said that ‘life acts but you react’. A good reaction to the situations in our life is manifested through the attitude that we carry. Our attitude is a response to what life offers to us. A considerable quantity of stress symptoms can be done away with by the manner in which we relate to the stressors. Stress originates from the brain, is often created by the way we think, and not necessarily, from what has actually happened. For example, handling orphan children, problematic adolescents, career failures, tax matters or sudden financial burden are typical examples of stress producing factors. What we need is a relaxed attitude that focuses on the willingness to face the peculiarities of life with a touch of positivism. An unfavorable may be regarded as a major stress cause.

Some other popular stress causes include major life events like a divorce, death of a loved one, health problems, financial burdens, importunate strain of caring for a continuously sick family member, managing a physically or mentally challenged child etc. These contribute greatly towards a sense of stress in an individual. Situations and conditions at workplace like delayed promotion or a sudden lay-off from a job can give rise to tremendous levels of stress. These situations are common to everyone; the only difference is the time and the magnitude of its occurrence. Since stress arising out of such situations cannot be wished away; it needs to be controlled by approaching life with a positive spirit.

Stress causes also stem from social and personal contexts as well as from the way a person may react psychologically and emotionally to stressful situations. What decides the accumulation of a general condition of stress is the mental and emotional temperament that we have acquired over a period of many years. It ultimately decides whether we would ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ from a stress-inducing scenario and thus may put us in a feeling of anxiety and unceasing worry. Stress has also been linked to consumption of addictives like alcohol, drugs, smoke etc. Habitual use of such drugs makes a person dependent on them and thus, gives rise to a number of abnormal symptoms. A person who exhibits typical symptoms may feel mentally stressed because of the physical problems that he is suffering from. However, the ultimate cause of stress remains different for each individual.

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