Stress Balls

Stress plays a major role in taking a toll on the body when it is not taken care of regularly. Almost all the organizations have complaints from their employees about stress-related problems. Hence, to reduce the amount of stress, these stress balls are designed to relax the body while at work.

Since these stress balls are so small they can be carried around and stored easily, these can easily be taken to work along with you and you can use them in between tasks or in the break. These are enlisted among the latest stress relievers that are quite effective.

Stress balls are doughy and soft and give a strange, but soothing effect to the fingers, feet, etc. When squeezed they make a smacking sound. These balls have washable exteriors and come in vibrant colors. They can be of any shape or size. They can be imprinted or vibrating. They can even be bought through online stores.

Stress is said to affect a person if he finds his environment is hostile. When a person is under stress, the increase of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood lead to:

* Increase in heart rate

* Increase in blood pressure

* Anxiety

* Loss of Sleep

* Disturbance in Concentration and Memory

* Mood swings with anger outbursts

* Poor appetite

Stress balls are not yet considered as a therapy for stress relief, but it is said that they do have a positive effect at the time of stress. Theories proving the effect of stress balls are not yet legal. According to the theories, by squeezing stress balls :

* The mind stabilizes and there is relaxation of body and mind. Attention is diverted away from the source of stress.

* The mental energy that is piled up due to stress is let out and results into subsequent relaxation of the mind.

* Blood circulation improves. This increases the amount of essential nutrients like glucose and oxygen and decreases the toxins like lactate and carbon dioxide.

* It stimulates the nerves, which carry the signal to the different areas of the brain especially the limbic area that is concerned with emotions. This technique works like the Chinese 'Acu-pressure' technique used for treating health problems. The stimulation of the brain also results in the release of the hormone endorphin, which acts like a stress reliever and a sedative.

There are certain violent reactions that are given by the stressed employee which include shouting, throwing things ,etc. However, these are unwanted reactions. To avoid these reactions, stress balls can be used to relieve a person of these emotional and violent outbreaks.

Stress balls should be used at the end of a long and hard day of work. Stress balls are manufactured using various kinds of non-toxic materials. These can be custom made according to buyer or user's specifications.

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