Stress Anxiety

Anxiety is a common expression that is used to illustrate several varieties of uncharacteristic, pathological fears, angst and other such phobias. The term exemplifies the state of these atypical nervous system problems as illogical or unscientific in its origin. These are the sort of fears that are usually not based on fact and are actually creations of the mind. Stress anxiety is a common term that is used to define a response to the very fact of being put under pressure.

Stress anxiety is universal in the sense that is may be perceived in a person. The expressions anxiety has accurate scientific meanings, but its extensive usage has made it synonymous with the term stress. Stress anxiety is more or less credited to the mind than the brain. Though this difference is difficult to point out, the fundamental fact is that anxieties are perhaps ‘created’ and thus, put people into a state of fear. As a case in point, a phobia is a type of anxiety that is also defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, as an "unrelenting or unreasonable fear." Fear is appropriately described as an emotional and physiological response to a recognized tangential peril or the source of such a threat.

Stress anxiety is an unpleasant emotional state, but the sources of this state of emotions are less readily recognized or known. It is often an appendage to the already existing physiological symptoms that could cause fatigue or complete exhaustion. Since fear of recognized intimidations causes comparable intolerable mental, emotional and physical changes, patients every so often use the expressions fear and anxiety in a transposable sense. It is important to distinguish among diverse anxiety types since precise diagnosis is more probable to be the answer to an effective and useful treatment and thus, an improved diagnosis. Surveys have revealed that as many as 30% of the American population may be distressed by such anxiety disorders. The symptoms of anxiety disorders are unwarranted worry and tension, an impracticable outlook towards problems, restlessness, irritability, tensions of the muscles, sudden changes in behavior, mood swings, getting easily startled etc.

Stress anxiety is thus, the result of the breakdown in adapting powers of the body. It is the condition that results when the transactions with the external environment lead the individual to make out an incongruity, whether real or imaginary, between the demands expected as a result of a particular situation and the resources of the person is able to provide to face the situation. When a person feels that the demands are over burdening him, he feels stressed out. Stress anxiety is thus, created by a person since he ‘feels’ that he is under stress. Stress anxiety may also be a result of unique happenings and situations that one may need to face in one’s life. For example, a person who has been subjected to some form of emotional torture may find it stressful to make normal relationships. Thus, anxiety is often times a by-product of the way a person’s mind functions.

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