Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is the Earth's vibrations that rise up through the Earth. They get distorted due to weak electromagnetic fields that are generated by means of certain mineral concentrations, subterranean running water underground cavities and fault lines. These vibrations can become increasingly harmful for living organisms and are common factor that lead to illnesses like cancer, asthma, heart problems, long-term physical and mental illness, miscarriage, premature birth, child abuse, road rage etc.

The most frequent signals of geopathic stress are a constant feeling of being run-down or fatigued , nervousness, resistance to medical treatment, frustration or depression, loss of appetite, pallor and not wanting to go to bed, insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, tingling of arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding of teeth and nightmares. When waking in the morning one often feels fatigued, with a dizzy head and backache. Children often get up wetting the bed and babies cry continuously as a result of geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress does not cause an illness but lowers the strength of your immune system. It also prevents the body from properly absorbing vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc. from your food. It also makes you allergic to food, drinks and environmental pollution. Geopathic stress is also man-made. The earth is a maze of veins of electricity. When these lines cross each other, the vibrations that are emitted hamper the lives of people living on that land or building. Man has impaired the positive vibrations by building structures over the nodes or criss-crossing veins. Construction, digging, cable laying, pipe laying have intensified the geopathic stress.

There is no instrument yet, which is sensitive and selective enough to check whether your home is on a geopathic stress area. However, there are other tests like Blood Crystalline Analysis, the VEGA test electro-acupuncture etc. which can confirm if the GS (geopathic stress) has been cleared. Sleeping in a GS place is particularly stressful because a larger part of your body is exposed to it. Also, geopathic stress is much stronger at night. During sleep, your brain rests for half the time and heals your body for the other half of the time. If you are sleeping in a geopathic stress area then your brain spends all the time working due to the strain of the GS and you are bound to wake up tired.

Geopathic stress affects you psychologically as well. Majority of the people who are depressed, suicidal and 80% of the people who get divorced have geopathic stress. If you are not geopathically stressed then your chances of living beyond mid-seventy is 90%. Geopathic stress takes up about 50% of the harmful things in your life. If you move out of the geopathically stressed area, your immune system will strengthen and you will be able to cope up with other problems of your life. Children do not thrive in GS and are often hyperactive and allergic. They have learning disabilities, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behavior.

Geopathic stress can be healed using crystal cones, copper instruments, towers, conical & cylindrical units. These placements should be done before the construction of the buildings. Moving your sleeping or working are away from the geopathic stress area is the best way to avoid the above mentioned illnesses.

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