Definition Of Stress

Everyone experiences stress in varying degrees and forms these days. In fact in today's times, stress has become a part and parcel of everbody’s life. If you know the definition of stress, it can help you to conquer it in a better way. You will be able to manage stress more effectively if you know what stress actually is.

You will surprised to know that stress is not always bad for health. Experiencing certain levels of stress is considered to be both healthy and normal. However, when stress starts taking control of your life, this becomes a big problem as it affects your mental or physical functioning. In such situations definition of stress will definitely help you to handle stress in a proper way.

Basically definition of stress can be contemplated by the physical and emotional strain that is caused due to our body's reaction to pressure that is inflicted from the external or internal disturbances. Stress varies in impact and severity from person to person as each one handles stress differently.

Strees is also defined as the body's response to a hostile situation, which evokes strong feelings of anger, frustration and anger in a person. You will experience stress not only at workplace but also in your house. We all know that our bodies respond instinctively to any changes in the surrounding environment

Definition of strees implies that something uncharacteristic happening in the environment gives a rise to a stress response. Stress is caused by natural environment factor or is man made. Some accept it with open arms while others get dejected and frustrated. There are people who regard stress as a learning experience. A problem need not necessarily cause stress. If you are not able to solve the problem then that becomes stressful.

It has been scientifically proved that those who are frequently exposed to stressful situations have a higher probability of suffering nervous breakdowns as well as physical and mental anguish.

You will find other definitions of stress in various books that mention that it is the body's opposing reaction to a very challenging demand. If the demand is not met,pressure builds up that causes uncharacteristic mental effects. Prolonged physical stress is mainly responsible for causing various diseases.

Although there are many definitions of stress, you will not find one suggesting that it is a negative experience. If you know how to adapt to stress then you can learn a lot from it. Stress that enters a person's life can play a very important role in making the person a better human being.

Definition of stress clearly suggests that constant exposure to stress is very harmful to health. Hence attempts should be made to alleviate from high stress levels.

You can engage yourself in leisure activities and indoor or outdoor sports, this will definitely bring down your stress levels. It is also necessry to take break at regular intervals from routine office work. The definition of stress also mentions that stress cannot be avoided and is all pervasive but that does not mean you should stop to enjoy other experiences that come in your life.

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