Wine Storage

If you are a wine producer you probably have a well adjusted wine storage area in your cellar. Even so, you still need to find out about the latest innovations and designs in the field of wine storage. The most popular material for wine racks remains wood which has been used since the beginning of wine storage.You should know that there are both advantages and disadvantages to this kind of storing the wine.

First of all we should present the advantages of wood wine racks. They are user friendly since it is quite easy to assemble them. Wood is a relatively light material and, yet strong enough for the load it is supposed to bear. If you are also interested in the appearance of the wine storage area, wood racks are good as they can be made to suit it. Besides, wood is a durable and flexible material and a renewable source which does not spoil the environment in any way. The only disadvantage about wood wine racks is that wood is not fire proof. Still it can be treated with a fire retardant substance which would reduce the danger.

The most popular types of wood that you can find in stores for such racks are: oak, fir, cedar, pine spruce and other American hardwoods.When choosing the wood for your wine storage racks, you should be careful about the space between the growth rings If this space is too wide than the racks will not be strong enough for the purpose. Another aspect to be considered is the proper degree of dryness. So, if you want to arrange your wine storage area you can order racks from different suppliers and assemble them yourself. Now regarding the arrangement of the bottles themselves; in order for your wine storage to be really efficient, ergonomic and useful you should also know a few things. Whether in the past bottles used to be stored with the neck pointed down, nowadays it is more popular to stre the bottles horizontally.

Vertical storage made debris and sludge gather at the neck and when the bottle was opened it would come out first. With modern chemistry, improved wine making equipment and techniques, the problem of debris and sludge does not exist anymore. Moreover with horizontal wine storage the wine keeps the the clrk wet preventing the drying out and shrinking of the cork and, as a result air cannot get into the bottle and alter the quality of the wine. Besides this advantage of horizontal wine storage there are other things to keep in mind: placed horizontally the bottles will be easier to spot and handle and the danger of folling off the racks is reduced considerably. So, If you are interested in starting or rearranging your wine cellar keep in mind the information about wine storage presented above. Good luck with your enterprise.

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