What is storage? Well storage one of the most “fashionable” concept nowadays. We live in a consummer society; the production of goods and the consumption are so big that we tend to buy and accumulate tons of things. After a while we find ourselves surrounded by so many things that, all of a sudden we cannot find place for. As a result people started thinking about storing things they do not use but do not want to throw either. Storage occurs at individual, personal level as well as at commercial and industrial level. Until now a huge number of kinds of storage has been invented and still none of them is perfect, each and every form of storage has its weaknesses and drawbacks.

When talking about storage, storing things we have to also think of information, data. We do not only store food, drinks, tools, toys, clothes, shoes, jewelery, merchandise, products, but we also store data in highly sophisticated computer storage systems. Physically speaking at industrial and commercial scales storage is done using specialized places and systems of storing. Warehouses are commercial buildings for storage of various types of goods. Manufacturers, wholesalers, transport, customs, importers and exporters and many others use warehouses. They are huge buildings equiped with loading docks, cranes and/or forklifts to move, transport, load and unload goods which are usually set on pallets which are loaded into pallet racks.

Now let us see what happens at individual/personal level. Do you, as individual people, need storage from time to time, permanently? Of course you do. All of us do at some point in our lives. When we move house or add to our houses or re-decorate, we need some storage space out of the house. For this kind of situation there are companies which offer you space for rent where you can store your belongings for a certain amount of money. Such companies offer you safety, privacy and permanent access to your storage space. Still at individual level we should not forget the permanent storage we need and use each and every day. For clothes, shoes, books, CDs, DVDs, bahs, tppls, collectibles, food and drinks, etc which are part of our day-by-day routine. For storage at this level, as well as at industrial and commercial level, a huge lot of means and devices have been designed to make organization and keeping of things faster and easier.

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